About Us

Our mission is to promote innovative thinking by providing students with a creative and accessible opportunity for professional growth.

As companies are cancelling internships and small businesses are unable to afford interns, we believe that all students should still be able to further their professional development this summer.

Our Three Core Beliefs

Equal Access

We can support one another by building a community of compassionate students, mentors, and experts.

Hard Work

There are no shortcuts for hard work. We can invest our time today to improve who we are tomorrow.

Social Responsibility

We can use tech for good, solve some of the world’s most complex challenges, and build a better future together.

The Team

Claire Pan

Chief Executive Officer

Hi! I'm Claire, I graduated from Cornell in December and studied Applied Economics and Management. I'm currently an intern at Inspired Capital and will be joining Insight's Onsite team in September. What I valued most about my college experience is that it gave me a chance to dream - I am incredibly grateful to all those who supported me in turning my crazy ideas into a reality. While ORIGIN is about providing access to professional growth during these chaotic times, for me, it's also about giving others the platform to find that confidence in themselves and their ideas. Who knows what you can accomplish as long as you have a chance to try?

Lyana Geng

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, I’m Lyana! I just graduated from Cornell this past December. I majored in Applied Economics and Management and minored in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. I will be joining Bloomberg full-time in June. During college, I felt there was a lot of emphasis on finding a great summer internship or securing a dream job. For many, the recruiting process and job hunt is excruciating, and amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the summer internship market seems to be only getting thinner. So when Claire introduced to me the idea of ORIGIN as a means for students to build something meaningful this summer and further their professional growth, I was immediately on board.

Jessica Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Hi! I’m Jessica. I’m a rising senior studying computer science at Cornell University. I interned as a software engineer at HERE Technologies, J.P. Morgan Chase, and am interning as a software engineer at PayPal this summer. I could not have had the professional experiences I’ve had without the help and support of others, and I want to provide other students the same guidance in their professional development. Especially given the current state of the world, working together is crucial, and I want to provide an accessible platform for interdisciplinary teams to work together on a meaningful project that helps them build valuable technical and entrepreneurial skills and experiences.

Andrew Chen

Web Designer

Hi, I’m Andrew! I am a rising senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I am a programmer on the Robotics Team and a member of the Varsity Tennis Team. I also have a passion for design, whether it be designing the robot or designing team sweatshirts. I am really grateful for the opportunity to develop my web design skills and help design the website for an incredible cause.

Thank you to our partners for their support and belief in our mission.