How ORIGIN started

For college students, searching for an internship became infinitely more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic with the already competitive pool of opportunities virtually disappearing. We believe that internships are more than lines on a resume — they are a gateways to financial freedom, reflections of career aspirations, and life-altering experiences.

In response, we quickly built ORIGIN in March and opened applications one month later for students to spend their summer starting something with us. This program would not have been possible without the instructors and coaches who devoted countless hours to help advise our students, as well as Symba, Forte, and Online Career Fair who generously shared their platforms with us.

The Team

Claire Pan

Chief Executive Officer

Claire was a Co-Founder, leading strategy and partnerships. Originally from New Jersey, Claire studied Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University before joining Insight Partners as an Onsite Analyst.

Lyana Geng

Chief Operating Officer

Lyana was a Co-Founder, leading operations and business curriculum development. Originally from New York, Lyana is a Market Data Analyst at Bloomberg and studied Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University.

Jessica Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Jessica was a Co-Founder, leading website and tech curriculum development. Originally from Illinois, Jessica is a senior studying Computer Science at Cornell University.

Melinda Hu

Community Manager

Melinda was a Community Manager, leading community building and oversaw office hour support for business strategy. Originally from New Jersey, Melinda is working in product marketing at Microsoft and studied Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

Charles Zhang

Community Manager

Charles was a Community Manager, overseeing office hour support for business and tech strategy. Originally from Ohio, Charles is a Product Manager at Dropbox and studied Finance and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cecilia Lu

Web Designer

Cecilia was the Web Designer, leading design and UI/UX. Originally from New York, Cecilia is currently studying Art at Cornell University.

Andrew Chen

Technology Manager

Andrew was the Tech Manager, managing website development and data analysis. A senior at Neuqua Valley High School in Illinois, Andrew is interested in designing and building computer programs.

Reva Jariwala

Content Manager

Reva was the Content Manager, managing media content by interviewing student founders. A senior in Monte Vista High School in California, Reva is interested in the intersection of technology and creative writing.

Melody Yu

Operations Manager

Melody was the Operations Manager, managing community events and administrative operations. A junior at Guilderland High School in New York, Melody is interested in exploring the healthcare field.