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Thanks for your interest in ORIGIN! Whether you are a potential participant, partner, or instructor, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your message here and someone on our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and look forward to connecting.


We believe developing an entrepreneurial mindset is important no matter what career you choose. With ORIGIN, you will experience various areas of business and create a software prototype from scratch, learning how to make the best strategical and technical decisions as practiced in industry.

We’re replicating some of the best parts of an in-person internship experience into a highly scalable and remote setting. We’ll be hosting social activities and the “What’s Your Origin” speaker series -- all of which will be accessible right from your computer, and in addition to our educational webinars and learning assignments.

ORIGIN costs nothing to apply or be a part of. We only require your time and hard work. We believe that cost should not be a barrier, so we’ve made this program virtual and free. We operate without funding, and we do not generate revenue. Everyone involved is volunteering their time.

Our application is open to any current undergraduate college student who anticipates graduating in Fall 2020 or later. We will do special considerations for those graduating in spring 2020 pending capacity.

After the application process, we will release a team sign-up form. From there, you will get to choose your teammates. You can also indicate on the application if you are applying with other teammates whether it is a full team of 5 or a smaller group. If you are applying with other teammates, each team member must submit an application.

We are looking for hard working and passionate students who want to dedicate time and effort into creating something over the summer. You don’t need any specific past experiences, we are judging applications solely on commitment to our program.

No. Since you will be working in teams, we recommend having at least two team members with experience in software development or similar (ie: 2 coding classes). We are not looking for any specific major of study or academic background in applicants.

No. While you will be building your coding skills over the course of the project, ORIGIN is designed for independent learning. Our webinars are intended to guide students in making technical or strategic decisions, not writing code or providing answers. We assume that at least one team member will have coding experience.

We’ve curated a team of industry experts, operators, investors, and professors to teach webinars on specific topics. We are incredibly thankful to these instructors for volunteering their time to help deliver the best possible experience for participants.

We want you to show off your hard work. In the final week of the program, you will have the chance to pitch your business plan and software prototype to a panel of judges. All teams are eligible and your work will be evaluated on practicality and social impact.

ORIGIN is designed to help college students get their first look at what it really takes to get a startup up and running. We bring students from day one, where they form an idea, all the way to the pitch competition. While other programs may require that students already have a solidified plan and research done before applying, our process teaches students how to do that.

Where you choose to take their idea after our summer program ends is up to you, but our curriculum is designed so that you are meticulous every step of the way, in case you want to seriously pursue the idea in the future. ORIGIN does not own any student projects or ideas.

The extent of which products and services are created is an input of the effort of each individual team, but at a minimum, teams on the full-time venture track will have a full business plan and software prototype.

We will release application decisions by May 21. You will have until June 3 to form your teams. Once you have a team finalized, that indicates your confirmation of acceptance to us.

While we estimate that the passion project track will take each individual on the team 5 hours per week, the hours in which you work are completely flexible. One of the reasons we have that track is so students can honor their other commitments. We would simply recommend that you be cognizant of your team's schedule and make sure that you do have time to collaborate and work together when needed.

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