ORIGIN is an 8-week virtual summer bootcamp teaching college students to build solutions that tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. Each week begins with webinars created by industry experts and culminate with submitting related deliverables that will build up to the final pitch. Teams will also receive coaching from young professionals.

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The Challenge

This year, our lives have undoubtedly been changed by the impacts of COVID-19. The global pandemic has created and exposed issues for individuals and communities alike. For summer 2020, we’re challenging you to think deeply about one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, and decent work and economic growth.

In teams of 4 or 5, you will spend the summer creating a final business plan and software demonstration for a solution that is both practical and impactful. Click on each goal to learn more about them on the United Nations website.

The Curriculum

Week 1

Ideation and Investigation

Week 2

Customer Discovery and Interviews

Week 3

Business Model Canvas and UI

Week 4

Pitch Deck and Software Architecture

Week 5

Marketing Strategy and Prototyping

Week 6

Financial Projections and Prototyping

Week 7

Pitch Deck and Demo Preparation

Week 8

Pitch Off and Celebration

The Tracks

We offer two tracks:

Both follow the high-level syllabus but vary in amount of deliverables and assignments

Full-Time Venture

~40 hours per week

Teams on this track will submit every deliverable, produce a comprehensive business plan, and develop a user-tested software prototype. Each team is paired with a coach who provides high-level feedback on a weekly basis.

Passion Project

~5 hours per week

Teams on this track will produce a business plan, design prototype, and software implementation report. Each team is paired with a coach who provides high-level feedback but not on a weekly basis.

Deciding your track:

If you do not have other commitments for the summer, we recommend the Full Time Venture track. We estimate a ~30-40 hours/week depending on workload each week. You will go through the entire process of creating a robust business plan and software prototype. Even if you do not have background in software development, you will be working in teams such that at least 1 member will have some background. Our program will NOT teach you how to code, but guide you in making the best strategic and technical decisions in building your solutions.

The Passion Project track is designed to accommodate students with other commitments for the summer. We wanted to ensure all individuals had an opportunity to learn. Because we anticipate those applying for this track will already be working ~30-40 hours a week for their other commitments, individuals on this track will NOT be implementing a software prototype. They will still be responsible for learning important software development practices and writing a report on their plan for implementation.

Both tracks will culminate in a final pitch. The Full Time Venture track will present a software prototype, and the Passion Project track will present a design prototype.

Who Can Apply?

You must be a current undergraduate student anticipating graduation in Fall 2020 or later. Any current undergraduate student from any school can apply. We will do special considerations for those graduating in spring 2020 pending capacity.

This program is for anyone looking to learn the principles of entrepreneurship. ORIGIN is designed to help college students get their first look at what it really takes to get a startup up and running. We bring students from day one, where they form an idea, all the way to the pitch competition. This program will NOT teach you how to launch your existing startup idea, and it will NOT provide you feedback on your existing startup idea.

This program is for anyone willing to learn independently. The webinars and coaches are meant as guides.

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